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Noname, 21 Apr 2021

Great Pizza!

Ricki, 03 Feb 2021

Good value for money

Andrew, 20 Jan 2021

Stacey, 16 Jan 2021

Fantastic take away

Lawrence, 15 Jan 2021

We are regular customers and aaaaaalways enjoy the food, however we received our order at 7pm this evening, we ordered the meal of the day - 2 pizzas 2 chips 2 dips and a drink. Pizzas were lovely but after choosing chips with cheese and sauce (as offered) we only received plain chips. We also received no dips and the stuffed crust we paid extra for was practically empty. Hopefully you can resolve this for us somehow? Thank you!!! Jess

Jess Flanigan, 19 Dec 2020

Chips were unfortunately cold and very chewy.

Caitlin, 17 Dec 2020

Very good food

Andrew, 15 Dec 2020

David, 12 Dec 2020

David, 12 Dec 2020


Catherine, 10 Dec 2020

Very good

Catherine, 04 Dec 2020

Very good

Catherine, 01 Dec 2020


Lawrence, 14 Nov 2020

Best take away

Lawrence, 07 Nov 2020

Always order from here, twice a week. Food great! Service from driver shockingly bad and came with a mouthful of attitude! There goes my orders to this takeaway! Usually pleasant! But I supposed being stoned and delivering shouldn’t mix! 07885451135

Noname, 30 Oct 2020

Good food

Alex, 26 Oct 2020


Beccy, 25 Oct 2020

Always satisfied with everything

Tracey, 15 Oct 2020


always great food and great service

Megan, 14 Oct 2020

Fab pizza I love this place

Caroline, 10 Oct 2020

18 hours to deliver food!!! World record of I must say not only that forgot items and my fries had a chunk of glass mixed in with them!! Chipped tooth and cut gum

Jambo, 05 Oct 2020


Anthony, 05 Oct 2020

Amazing driver

Jon, 29 Sep 2020

Starvin Marvin jusy got bargain

Alfy, 29 Jun 2020

Always more than happy with our order & service

Tracey, 20 Jun 2020